Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wooden bead necklace - long

Firstly, apologies for the blurry images. A new camera might be called for I think!
The beads were a gift and the pendant was originally an earring that was far too heavy to wear for long.
The necklace itself is 85cm long and made to put on over the head. It is on elasticised string.

Green/white print bag with recycled leather braided handles

Outer fabric - cotton
Lining - Linen. Two sections with a divider and side pocket
Handles - Recycled leather
Bead embellishments - Glass beads made locally
AUD $40
I've got some more of these on the way in different fabrics.

Knitting needle roll

I made the first one of these last Christmas for my aunty and I have made 4 since. My aunt loves black and white, so this one really suited her. The others have been in satin, cotton and hemp.
AUD $ 20 - no needles
AUD $110 - 13 pairs of bamboo needles in a variety of sizes
I generally ask that you choose a colour range and style, but you could choose to be surprised too!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A new season

Here it is! My first step to having an online blog for my art, crafts and clothing designs.

I want to try more things. Explore my creativity. Search for different mediums to express myself. And my sewing skills could do with some refining!

It seems fitting that today is sunny, with a crystal clear blue sky that is free of the clouds that have been here for the past few days.

A new beginning. A new season.