Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seedlings - literal and metaphorical

Term 3 has kicked off with a bang and I am feeling very optimistic that the second half of the year is going to be a bit smoother than the first.

I think we are often given challenging situations to learn from. I find that I rally and rage when things are tough, but I come out the other end with clarity as to what I want/need to do. I'm grateful for the people who listen and support me through it all.

The Creative Journalling course has started back up and I got a spot which I'm very happy about. This term we are going to be doing an equal mix of writing and art and keeping a visual journal.

We did the covers on Tuesday and this is mine -
It's not quite finished and is bound to evolve through the course.

Last week I got busy in the garden and did up a few trays of seedlings. I went out the other morning and they're already up and started. I think the clear plastic over the top made a big difference, as the last lot without it took a few weeks to get going.

Aren't they lovely!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I just spread out my first load of home-made compost! Very exciting! (well, if you're a gardener you might understand...)

I built our compost bins using 5 old pallets that were out the back. I held them upright using star pickets (again, they were out the back) and secured them with some found wire.

You can see them behind the retro strawberry stand.
I lined the left bay with cardboard and then covered it with black plastic, leaving the floor open. The plastic was left over pond liner from the tip shop, so it was made from all recycled materials and it cost me nothing.

I've only been filling it for about 4mths and got out 5 wheelbarrow loads of compost. I took off the top layer and put it into the next bay, ready to begin the next lot.

We have used foodscraps, newspaper, grass clippings, manure, seaweed, leaves (green and dried), dust from sweeping and vacuuming the house, lint from the dryer, hay from the rabbit hutch and dirt.

I spread it around the bananas -
And made a new garden bed for the garlic, another fruit tree and some herbs. I have put some potatoes at one end as well. I lightly dug up the ground, spread out the compost, some sheep manure and then topped with pea straw.
It's all being watered in by the rain as I write this.