Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time, time everywhere, but not enough to sew...

I've been working on the same projects for a few weeks, with little success in completing them! I was hoping to have a bit more done by now that's for sure.

Besides the usual challenges of having a family to manage, I have been struggling with eyes! Doll's eyes that is.

Because the dolls are crocheted, it means the eyes can't just be painted on which is the only sort I have done before. I have borrowed books from the library, cruised the net and asked a few friends for ideas on how to get the perfect eye! Apparently no such eye exists and I am going to have to either invent it myself or at least experiment some more to find something that I'm happy with.

On the up side I have a few hours put aside tomorrow to get some time in the sewing room. Definitely looking forward to that!