Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hail and Raw Chocolate Fudge

The weather is pretty aweful today. We've had high winds, lots of rain and even some hail. A typical Winter on the South Coast of Australia I guess.

Weather that drives us indoors is challenging because we homeschool and because we all like to spend most of our time outside. Suddenly all the things you want to do outdoors have to be done urgently and you have a complete blank on the things you could be doing inside.

Today we have done a few puzzles, played Snake and Ladders, Uno and Patience. I've spent too much time on the internet, learning, checking out art sites, shopping and catching up on my favourite Blogs. The kids watched Swiss Family Robinson, painted and right now DragonGirl is doing some workbooks and Boo is driving his truck through rice he spilt on the floor, to make patterns.

We also made some raw Chocolate Fudge with nuts, dried fruit, agave and coconut. I got the basic recipe from and then did a few variations.

We are all counting the minutes until Corby gets home...