Monday, June 29, 2009

Koa, swimming lessons and making faces!

Our very excitable and aptly named dog, Koa (it means happiness in Maori), died on Saturday after only being with us 5mths.

We found out that he had jumped over the front fence on Saturday morning to follow another dog, been hit by a car, a stranger had taken him to the vet and the vet had had to put him down. This is the second dog we've lost this way in two years - we lived on the farm the first time.

It is very sad and DragonGirl is finding it the hardest. The first dog, Jake, was her best friend and it took her quite a bit to be open and loving in the same way with Koa.

On a brighter note, this week is swimming lessons for the homeschooled kids in our area. It means not only time in the pool for the kids but also time for the parents to catch up with eachother from the sidelines. (I got to chat with some mum's today that I haven't seen since last year's lessons.)
We had Cal with us today and he wasn't allowed to swim. He and Boo entertained themselves with cars, food and colouring. They were so good, especially considering how much they both love the water! Boo will be able to swim tomorrow which he will be very pleased about.

Some of Boo's antics at the table tonight:

He can be very cheeky! Corby, DragonGirl and Boo were trying out their Best Funny Face. I got a few good pics for the album.